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Various Artists: One More Record Please

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: One More Record Please

The songs on this collection celebrate the world of phonograph records across five decades of country and rockabilly music. It was a world we took for granted while it was here, and one that is disappearing before our eyes. The changes have happened very quickly. Technology won't stand still. And now we have arrived at a generation of people who barely know what a record is. Music is no longer something you buy. It is something you download. It's become a lot more efficient in terms of storage but it's also become a lot less romantic in the process. That's what is being lost with the cold march of technology. Many of US remember the first 78 we bought. The first 45. The first LP. Will today's teenagers talk as fondly about the first MP3 they ever downloaded? Every individual involved in the production of this collection and everyone who buys this disc is part of a family. We may grow smaller in number and older each year but we are still a visible minority. Just by owning and playing this record (CD) we celebrate the values and experiences we share. We help to keep them alive.

1.1 Record
1.2 Old Records
1.3 Gonna Get Some Records
1.4 Gonna Buy Me a Record That Cries
1.5 Phonograph Record
1.6 I'm Sending You This Record
1.7 It's Only a Phonograph Record
1.8 45S and 8X10
1.9 Stack-A-Records
1.10 Ernest Tubb 78S
1.11 Dig Me a Crazy Record
1.12 Square Record
1.13 One More Record Please
1.14 Mr. Record Man
1.15 Please Mr. DJ
1.16 Dee Jay with a Broken Heart
1.17 Record Goes Round and Round
1.18 Lonesome Record
1.19 Don't Play Number Ten Play That Song (On the Juke Box...)
1.20 Don't Play That Song (On the Juke Box...)
1.21 Turn the Record Over
1.22 Making a Record (Parts 1;2)
1.23 No More Records
1.24 Play That Old Song Again
1.25 Play That Old Song Again

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