Various Artists: Pina (Score) (Original Soundtrack)

Various Artists: Pina (Score) (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Pina (Score) (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Wenders Music

Import soundtrack to the 2011 film, Pina, directed by the legendary director, Wim Wenders.

1.1 Pina - Thom Hanreich
1.2 Lillies of the Valley - Jun Miyake
1.3 Glasshouse - Thom Hanreich
1.4 Bahamut - Hazmat Modine
1.5 Rooftop - Thom Hanreich and Sebi Padotzke
1.6 La Prima Vez - Owain Phyfe, Stefano Pando ; the New World Renaissance Band
1.7 O Let Me Weep, for Ever Weep - English Chamber Orchestra, Benjamin Britten and Jennifer Vyvyan
1.8 Os Meus Olhos - Germano Rocha
1.9 Tied Down - Thom Hanreich
1.10 The Here and After - Jun Miyake ; Lisa Papineua
1.11 Memoires Du Futur I - Ren Aubry
1.12 My One and Only Love - Thom Hanreich and Sebi Padotzke
1.13 All Names - Jun Miyake
1.14 Fat Ass Joint - Cujo (Amon Tobin)
1.15 Shake It - Thom Hanreich

Various Artists: Pina (Score) (Original Soundtrack)

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