Various Artists

Various Artists: Plastic Crack

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Plastic Crack
Label: Elementary Sound

1.1 Intro
1.2 Put It in His Face Then
1.3 Shut Yo B%!*CH Azz Up
1.4 Come Fly with Me
1.5 No Subject Matter
1.6 What We Doin'
1.7 Untitled Hood $H!T
1.8 Licks to Chase
1.9 I Had These Dreams
1.10 Green Boy
1.11 Welcome 2 the South
1.12 I Slipped Again
1.13 The Script
1.14 120+ Bars of Gangsta $H!T
1.15 Lemme Slow the Beat Down
1.16 What We Doin' [Screwed] [Version]
1.17 Untitled Hood $H!T [Screwed] [Version]
1.18 No Subject Matter [Screwed] [Version]
1.19 Put It in His Face [Screwed] [Version]
1.20 Licks to Chase [Screwed] [Version]
1.21 The Script [Screwed] [Version]

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