Various Artists: Prophecy

Various Artists: Prophecy
Title: Prophecy
Label: Hearts of Space

The music of Prophecy comes from our weekly public radio program Music from the Hearts of Space. These sounds of flute, drum, sacred chant and ambient soundscapes carry a deep reverence for America's mountains, prairies, rivers and forests. The songs of Prophecy symbolize hope for global unification, the wisdom of the elders and the spirit of nature. Legends of the northern Plains Indians tell of a young girl who appeared in the guise of a whie buffalo. She taught them ceremonies, songs and the traditional ways. She prophesied that the birth of a white buffalo would signify her return to purify the world and bring back harmony, spiritual balance and peace.

1.1 Buffalo Trail - Blue Chip Orchestra
1.2 Hanwi: The Moon - Blue Chip Orchestra
1.3 Great Plains - Jonn Serrie
1.4 Wisdom - R. Carlos Nakai ; Nawang Khechog
1.5 Awakening - Primeaux ; Mike
1.6 Prophecy Song - Joanne Shenadoah ; Lawrence Laughing
1.7 Lunar Symphony - Coyote Oldman
1.8 Vision - Soulfood
1.9 Wayob - Soulfood
1.10 Feather, Stone ; Light - R. Carlos Nakai

Various Artists: Prophecy

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