Various Artists

Various Artists: Puissance Dancefloor 2012

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Puissance Dancefloor 2012
Label: Imports

1.1 Nuggetz [Radio Edit] [Edit]
1.2 Lonely Tonight [Radio Edit] [Version Fran Aise] [Edit][Version]
1.3 Resurrection [Axwell's Recut Club Version] [Version]
1.4 Alive [Radio Edit] [Edit]
1.5 Save the World [Radio Remix]
1.6 You Leave Me Alone [Radio Edit] [Edit]
1.7 U Know It Ain't Love [David May Mix]
1.8 Tung! [Radio Edit] [Edit]
1.9 One Night in Ibiza [Radio Mix]
1.10 Natural Disaster
1.11 Encoded
1.12 Gregory's Theme [Short Radio Edit] [Edit]
1.13 Trust You Again [Original Mix]
1.14 Heal Me [French Radio Edit] [Edit]
1.15 G Ter Le Koin
1.16 Prince Charmant
1.17 On Les Aime (Les Fran Aises) [Radio Edit Mix] [Edit]
1.18 Sexy Lady
1.19 Des P Res, Des Hommes Et Des FR Res
2.1 Street Dancer [Radio Edit] [Edit]
2.2 Miss Sunshine [Video Edit] [Edit]
2.3 The Moment
2.4 Kalifornia [Radio Edit] [Edit]
2.5 Distress [Radio Edit] [Edit]
2.6 Feels So Good [Radio Edit] [Edit]
2.7 You Found Me
2.8 It's on Tonight
2.9 I Can't Live Without You [Radio Edit] [Edit]
2.10 Walking on a Dream [Vocal Mix]
2.11 Electric Violin [Radio Edit] [Edit]
2.12 Glitchy Girl [Radio Edit] [Edit]
2.13 Louder [Radio Edit] [Edit]
2.14 Why [Club Mix Edit] [Edit]
2.15 Telephone
2.16 Get Back [Radio Edit] [Edit]
2.17 Un Momento
2.18 Baila [Radio Edit] [Edit]
2.19 Un Beso [French Radio Edit] [Edit]
2.20 Dis-Moi Oui

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