Various Artists

Various Artists: Ragtime 1: City Banjos Brass / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Ragtime 1: City Banjos Brass / Various
Label: Folkways Records

As it did with blues and jazz, the early recording industry missed the beginnings of ragtime. Luckily, the burgeoning player piano industry produced ragtime tunes on paper rolls, and these rolls augment the recordings we have. This collection presents ragtime played on piano rolls as well as on instruments like the banjo, which were suitable for early recording processes.

1.1 Contentment Rag
1.2 Oriole Rag
1.3 Buffalo Rag
1.4 Original Rags
1.5 Operatic Rag
1.6 Notoriety Rag
1.7 Frog Legs Rag
1.8 St. Louis Tickle
1.9 Railroad Rag
1.10 Tickled to Death
1.11 Springtime Rag
1.12 Frog-I-More Rag
1.13 Original Tuxedo Rag
1.14 Sic 'Em Tige

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