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Various Artists: Red Blue Jeans & Checkerboard Socks / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Red Blue Jeans & Checkerboard Socks / Various
Label: Ace Records UK

2010 collection of classic (and rare) tunes from the '50s dedicated to the fashions and styles of the rebellious Rock 'n' Roll teenagers that embraced the music and lifestyle. Carl Perkins was the man responsible for the granddaddy of all these songs about clothes: 'Blue Suede Shoes'. from 'Blue Suedes' and 'Red Bluejeans' we could have moved in the same direction as Pop music tended to do at the time. In the world of the hit parade we had 'Short Shorts', 'Pink Shoe Laces', 'Black Denim Trousers', 'White Bucks' and 'Saddle Shoes'. Not for US such drab garb. Our outfitters have rounded up some 'Straight Skirts', 'Tight Sweaters', 'Pink Peg Slacks', 'Slim Jims', 'Tight Capris', 'Penny Loafers', 'Squeaky Shoes', 'Boy's Shirts', 'Plaid Skirts', 'Yellow Pants', 'Red and Blue Velvet', 'Sun Glasses', 'Checkerboard and Knee Socks' and 'Bermuda Shorts'. Ace Records.

1.1 Red Blue Jeans and a Pony Tail - Gene Vincent ; the Blue Caps
1.2 Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins
1.3 Straight Skirt - Gene Summers ; His Rebels
1.4 Dig Them Squeaky Shoes - Frank "Andy" Starr
1.5 Wash Machine Boogie - Echo Valley Boys
1.6 I Don't Dig It - Mike McAlister
1.7 Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox) - the Nite Riders
1.8 Bermuda Shorts - the Delroys
1.9 Clothes Line (Wrap It Up) - Boogaloo ; the Gallant Crew
1.10 Blue Jeans (And a Boy's Shirt) - Glen Glenn
1.11 New Shoes - Lee Denson
1.12 Penny Loafers and Bobby Socks - Joe Bennett ; the Sparkletones
1.13 Pink Peg Slacks - Eddie Cochran
1.14 Tight Skirt and Sweater - the Versatones
1.15 Yellow Pants (And Blue Suede Shoes) - Little Miss Peggy
1.16 Tight Capris - Jody Reynolds ; the Storms
1.17 Slim Jim Baby - Johnny Dollar
1.18 Blue Velvet - the Clovers
1.19 Gert's Skirt - the Debonaires
1.20 Sun Glasses - the Shades
1.21 Knee Socks - the Ideals
1.22 Rainbow Doll - Jimmy Dell
1.23 White Buckskin Sneakers and Checkerboard Socks - the Bell Notes
1.24 Red Velvet - the Kirby Sisters

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