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Various Artists: Reggae Power: Original Album Plus Bonus Tracks / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Title: Reggae Power: Original Album Plus Bonus Tracks / Various
Label: Doctor Bird

Two CDs. By the close of the '60s, record retailer and jukebox businessman Karl 'J. J. ' Johnson was firmly established as one of Jamaica's leading record producers, having released a string of best-selling rock steady and proto-reggae 45s by such noted local acts as Lee 'Scratch' Perry, the Rulers, Carl Dawkins, the Kingstonians and the Ethiopians. Early in 1969, a lucrative agreement with British record label, Trojan, emboldened the ambitious entrepreneur to release an album comprising a dozen of his latest recordings in the new reggae style. Entitled Reggae Power, the LP was dominated by regular hit-makers, the Ethiopians, whose recent singles had proved so popular in Britain that the group had been prompted to make a promotional tour of the country. Their trip led to Trojan dramatically reworking the Reggae Power long-player for it's UK release, replacing all but two non-Ethiopians tracks with further J. J. -produced works by the trio, before issuing it in new artwork. But with the Ethiopians collection already available on the Doctor Bird CD, Reggae Power & Woman Capture Man, it is the Jamaican version of the album that provides the inspiration for this exciting double-disc compilation, which collects the bulk of J. J. Johnson's output from 1968 to 1972, including numerous reggae hits and 17 recordings new to CD.

1.1 Dance Up The Reggae - Roy Shirley
1.2 Mix It Up - The Kingstonians
1.3 Love Is Not Your Game - V. Vinstrick
1.4 One Dollar Of Music - The J.J. All Stars
1.5 I'll Make It Up - Carl Dawkins
1.6 Musical Priest - Roy Shirley
1.7 Bigger Boss - Cool Sticky ; Ansel Collins
1.8 Live Life - The Vibrators
1.9 I'll Be Around - The Kingstonians
1.10 Five Miles High - Winston Wright
1.11 Glad You're Living - Stranger Cole
1.12 Bright Life - Roy Shirley
1.13 R.F.K. - The J.J. All Stars
1.14 Israel Must Win - The Ethiopians
1.15 Got To Be Free - The Rulers
1.16 Neck Tie - Winston Wright
1.17 The Only Girl - Carl Dawkins
1.18 I Like Your Smile - Roy Shirley
1.19 Memphis Underground - The J.J. All Stars
1.20 Here Yah - The Scorchers
1.21 Help Wanted - Stranger Cole
1.22 Mango Tree - Ansel Collins
1.23 Here I Come - The Ethiopians
1.24 Satisfaction - Carl Dawkins
1.25 Poppy Cock - Winston Wright
1.26 What A Situation - The Rulers
1.27 Rook Ma Dine - The Ethiopians
1.28 The Removers - Ansel Collins
1.29 Cabbage Leaf - Val Bennett
2.1 This Land - Carl Dawkins
2.2 Try To Be Happy - The Clarendonians
2.3 Drop Him - The Ethiopians
2.4 Version Drop - The J.J. All Stars
2.5 Coolie Man - The Cambodians
2.6 Get Together - Carl Dawkins
2.7 Instalment No.3 - Family Man
2.8 Number One Version - Tony
2.9 Wreck It Up Version - The J.J. All Stars
2.10 Come Along - The Clarendonians
2.11 I'll Never Be Blue - Carl Dawkins
2.12 I'll Never Be Blue (Instr.) – The J.J. All Stars
2.13 Don't Go (Alt. Version) - The Ethiopians
2.14 Make Good - Stranger ; Gladdy
2.15 Put It Good - The Bleechers
2.16 Perseverance - Carl Dawkins
2.17 He's Not A Rebel - The Ethiopians
2.18 Nyah Man Story - The Linkers
2.19 Lion's Den - The Kingstonians
2.20 I Feel Good - Carl Dawkins
2.21 Selah - The Ethiopians
2.22 Selah - The J.J. All Stars
2.23 Rocking To Ethiopia - Dennis Alcapone
2.24 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - Carl Dawkins
2.25 Slim Girl - The Kingstonians*
2.26 I'm A Believer - The Ethiopians
2.27 My Whole World Has Ended - Carl Dawkins
2.28 Soup - Lloyd Young
2.29 Collecting Coins - The J.J. All Stars

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