Various Artists

Various Artists: Rock And Roll Vixens 7 (Various Artists)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Rock And Roll Vixens 7 (Various Artists)
Label: Koko-Mojo

"Some girls are giving love, Rock Love, and others are losing their love, yet still they rock with style." The golden years are again strongly represented in Rock And Roll Vixens 7 the girls have quality songs, quality bands behind them, and perform songs of quality, with assistance from a couple of males. Foxy young ladies with a dusky vocal approached, occasionally with a support man. The sounds will enchant your ears and get your feet to move to their catchy odes. The ladies of colour over the series seven volumes will expose your ears to catchy Rhythm &Blues, and Rock 'n' Roll music. These girls do not pale in comparison against the male rockers, they are the real deal with added sassy style which is perfect for home listening or hitting the dance floor to at your favourite record hop. Our albums have; stunning designs, the songs are remastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future!

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