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Various Artists: Rock & Roll Kitten Vol 5: Forbidden Fruit (Various Artists)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Rock & Roll Kitten Vol 5: Forbidden Fruit (Various Artists)
Label: Atomicat

Rock & Roll Kitten Forbidden Fruit is full of tasty and alluring female R&B and R&R ladies with powerful lungs, and the album mainly focuses on the cover-version titles in the jive, stroll, and style." The album soars into the rockin' stratosphere with Barbara Greene's fantastic takes of Mr. Penniman's Long Tall Sally, and Slippin' And Slidin'. Kay Adams gives Little Willie John a run for his money from her take on, All Around The World, and Ruth Brown's Mama He Treats Your Mean is her from Bette Anne Steele. There are original songs within the album namely; Janice Harper, Come On Home, All Is Forgiven, Pick Another Baby, Carol Hughes, and Love Is A Breakin' Out by Roberta Sherwood Our discs are housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. The tracks have also been remastered for the best sound your ears can hear. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future!

1.1 Barbara Greene - Long Tall Sally
1.2 Janice Harper - Come on Home, All's Forgiven
1.3 Kay Adams - All Around the World
1.4 Vikki Nelson - Bright and Early
1.5 Bonnie Davis - Pepperhot Baby
1.6 Bunny Paul - Watcha Gonna Do
1.7 Lilian Briggs - Boogie Blues
1.8 The Debs - Whadaya Want
1.9 Lorry Raine - Cotton Pickin' Kisses
1.10 Jane Turzy - Who Baby How
1.11 The Jan Raye Quartet Feat Lillyann - Soda Pop
1.12 Wendy Powers - Lucky Lucky Love
1.13 Kay Brown - Oop Shoop
1.14 Rosemary June - Peek a Booin'
1.15 Carol Hughes - Pick Another Baby
1.16 Helene Dixon - Piddley Patter Patter
1.17 Lillian Brooks - She Boodle Dee, Boodle Dee
1.18 Roberta Sherwood - Love Is a Breakin' Out
1.19 Bette Anne Steele - Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)
1.20 Vicki Young - Forbidden Fruit
1.21 Joyce Romero with Bill Marine - Feel So Good
1.22 Joan Hager - Will You Willyum
1.23 Betty Jean Morris - Shack Daddy
1.24 Barbara Greene - Slippin' ; Slidin'
1.25 Lillian Briggs - She Sells Seashells

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