Various Artists

Various Artists: Rough Guide to Bellydance: Second Edition / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Rough Guide to Bellydance: Second Edition / Various

Discover cutting-edge Arabic grooves with THE ROUGH GUIDE TO BELLYDANCE, featuring essential tracks from the latest Egyptian styles to traditional Turkish instrumental taksim, and from Lebanese shaabi to modern tribal fusion. Hone your skills and learn all the moves with the free instructional DVD. Unique package which includes a FREE bonus instructional DVD on how to learn to bellydance. A selection of different stylistic pieces which are structured as dance routines. A beautiful introduction to the hip-shaking sounds of the Orient.

1.1 El Samer
1.2 Ya Samara
1.3 Boos Shoof
1.4 Saidi Rara (Egyptian Cane Dance)
1.5 Basbousa
1.6 Nesma't El Nile
1.7 Salamatha Om Hassan
1.8 Tabla Sahrawi
1.9 Tamra Henna Part 2
1.10 Kanoun Baghdadi
1.11 Fi Yom Wi Leyla
1.12 Tribal Princess
1.13 Istemem Babacim
1.14 Sadaf Iskandarani
1.15 Alouli
1.16 The a Train to Hios
2.1 Bellydance One-On-One: Essential Technique with Virginia
2.2 Posture ; Placment
2.3 Arms ; Hands
2.4 Slides ; Circles
2.5 Figure 8's
2.6 Camels
2.7 Snaps
2.8 Shimmies ; Twists
2.9 Drops ; Pops
2.10 Egyptian Basic Steps
2.11 Grapevine
2.12 Basic Turn
2.13 Harrant Ahibbak

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