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Various Artists: Senegal: Tijaniyya & Muridiyya - Sufi / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Senegal: Tijaniyya & Muridiyya - Sufi / Various
Label: Ocora France

This set features both vocal intensity and religious fervor from the two main Sufi brotherhoods of Senegal (the Tij+óniyya and the Mur+«diyya, founded respectively in the 18th and 19th centuries). Featured selections include hymns and poems to the glory of Allah.

1.1 F Tiha
1.2 L Il Ha Ill All H
1.3 Y N R
1.4 Al Mad Nah
1.5 Ya Ras L Ill H
1.6 Muhammad Kam L
1.7 Allah L Il Ha Ill All H
1.8 Muhammad
1.9 Sal M
1.10 Il LL Hi Walmukht R
1.11 Ahbabtu Rabba L' Lam N
1.12 Fuztu Bizarfi Lasanta
1.13 Waq N Yasurru
1.14 Chakawtu 'Um R
1.15 Innan 'Uztu
1.16 Bihaqqi Wajhika Ikr M

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