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Various Artists: Singing For Life: Songs Of Hope, Healing and HIV/AIDS In Uganda

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Singing For Life: Songs Of Hope, Healing and HIV/AIDS In Uganda
Label: Smithsonian Folkways

Ugandans have triumphantly tapped the power of their traditional music to battle the Aids pandemic. Performed with dramatization and dance in settings all through rural Uganda, this unique blend of music and public health has helped make Uganda's record of success against HIV/AIDS, one of the best in Africa. In turn, Uganda is revitalized and made contemporary. SINGING FOR LIFE affirms the profound strength of the people's music in promoting hope and positive change. This 66 minute collection includes 14 tracks and a 36 page booklet with extensive notes.

1.1 Olumbe Lubiibi [Death Is Bad] - Vilimina Nakiranda and the Bakuseka Majja Group
1.2 Guno Gwe Mulembe Gwe Tulimu Kat [This Period of Time That We Are in] - Nacwola Iganga
1.3 Abange Ab'eno? [Is Someone There?] - Meeting Point Kampala
1.4 Emagombe Newaife [The Graveyard Is Our Home] - Mzee Mata Nasani
1.5 Silimu Yaheeza Abantu [Aids Has Finished Our People] - Kanihiro Group
1.6 Bannange Twajjirwa [We Have Been Invaded] - Bright Women Actresses
1.7 Gampisi [The Hyena] - Negro Angels Bamalayika
1.8 Silimu Okutumala! [Aids Finished Us!] - Bukona Women's Group
1.9 Fight the Epidemic and Abange Mikwano Gyange Muvawa? [Friends, Where Do You Come From?] - Tasga Drama Group
1.10 Olumbe Lwamala Abantu [Death Killed All the People] - Kibaale Village Embaire Ensemble
1.11 Abalugana [Those Who Have Not Settled] - Centurio Balikoowa
1.12 Zino Endwadde Ezitakyaluma Kusasira [Such Painful, Merciless Diseases] - Mudinet Drama Group
1.13 Eitu Lilimuki? [What Is in the Luggage?] - Walya Sulaiman and Pada
1.14 The Struggle Against Aids - Jumbo Theatre Group

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