Various Artists

Various Artists: Strange Breaks & Mr Thing II / Various

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Strange Breaks & Mr Thing II / Various
Label: Bbe
Product Type: VINYL LP

Rare and sought after never compiled before tracks spanning from soul, disco, jazz, funk, folk & soft library records. The sound of the sixties and seventies has never been so sought after as at the present moment. You could even argue that modern music just isn't good enough. As evidence consider this: contemporary producers and artists are often looking back to get inspired - insert staggering number of examples - so you can safely say that even in this digital age the beating heart of modern R&B and hip-hop is still vintage soul, funk and jazz.

1.1 Sally
1.2 Spooky Doo
1.3 Searching for Soul Pt. 1
1.4 Can't Stop Talkin'
1.5 Back Ground Music
1.6 Love Is Just a Word
1.7 She's About a Mover
1.8 You Made a Believer (Out of Me)
1.9 Gacek
1.10 ABC
1.11 Family Affair
1.12 Twinkle Stars Boo Galoo [Live]
1.13 Pru Urebu
1.14 The Horse
1.15 It's Just Begun
1.16 Pink Panther
2.1 Sally
2.2 Spooky Doo
2.3 Searching for Soul Pt. 1
2.4 Can't Stop Talkin'
2.5 Back Ground Music
2.6 Love Is Just a Word
2.7 She's About a Mover
2.8 You Made a Believer (Out of Me)
2.9 Gacek
2.10 ABC
2.11 Family Affair
2.12 Twinkle Stars Boo Galoo [Live]
2.13 Pru Urebu
2.14 The Horse
2.15 It's Just Begun
2.16 Pink Panther
2.17 The Message
2.18 Big Black Funky Slave
2.19 Rockin' Chair

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