Various Artists: Strut My Stuff

Various Artists: Strut My Stuff
Title: Strut My Stuff
Label: Modern Harmonic
Product Type: VINYL LP

Obscure country & hillbilly boppers! For every successful hit act that cracked the charts in the early 50s to mid 60s, there were thousands of obscure artists exhibiting genuine country numbers free from mainstream oversight. Strut My Stuff rounds up such enigmas as the hectic hillbilly bopper 'You've Been Honky Tonkin',' the shotgun-wedding scenario of 'My Inlaws Made An Outlaw Out Of Me,' and many more farm-raised rarities!

1.1 Strut My Stuff - Slim Redman
1.2 Waitin' in Line - Bobby Rutledge
1.3 Haywire Jones - Freddie Frank
1.4 Get a Move on, Baby - Leon Tassin
1.5 You've Been Honky Tonkin' - Joe "Cannonball" Lewis*
1.6 Live Live Live - Cliff Shepherd
1.7 Leave My Gal Alone - Bill White
1.8 I'm Back in the Army - Tani Allen
2.1 The D.J. Blues - Hank Harral
2.2 Women Drivers - Weldon Rogers
2.3 My Inlaws Made An Outlaw Out of Me - Lou Millet
2.4 Dirty Jim Blues - Tex Cherry
2.5 South of San Antonio - Roy Harris
2.6 Living Too Fast - Ray Anderson
2.7 I May Not Be Able But I'm Willin' to Try - Chuck Ray
2.8 You Think It's Funny - Chuck Stacey
3.1 I Broke My Heart - Jimmy Simpson
3.2 Sweet Talking Baby - Carl Tanner
3.3 Baby You've Got Everything - Lee Nichols
3.4 Mustache on the Cabbage Head - Luke Gordon
3.5 She Loves Me Better - Riley Crabtree
3.6 Going Back (To My Baby) - Rex Rinehart
3.7 It's Not Easy to Forget - Roy Aldridge
3.8 Needle in a Haystack - Penny West
4.1 Get Your Feet on the Floor - Aubrey Bradford
4.2 Pretty Little Baby - Jimmie King
4.3 Don't You Lock Your Daddy Out - Hank the Drifter
4.4 Tattle Tattle Tale - Riley Crabtree
4.5 Four Leaf Clover - Billy Parks
4.6 Ole Jack Hammer Blues - Jimmie Lawson
4.7 They Went Around - Les ; Helen Tussey
4.8 Out of Gasoline - Chuck Rogers

Various Artists: Strut My Stuff

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