Various Artists: Sun Ballads 1953-62 / Various

Various Artists: Sun Ballads 1953-62 / Various
Title: Sun Ballads 1953-62 / Various
Label: Bear Family Germany

EU three CD collection of ballads culled from the archives of the esteemed Sun Record label. Although Sun is best known for rockers and rockin' music, it turns out that even rockers had their mellow moments. This side of Sun's legacy has never been examined in depth until now. Sun Ballads surveys a 10 year period from the earliest Blues and Hillbilly days to the Golden Era of Rockabilly and beyond, into the early 1960s. This collection combines some of Sun's best known recording pioneers with a few truly obscure artists and rarely reissued titles; it contains a lavishly illustrated book with detailed track by track commentary by Sun historian Hank Davis. This set is an unprecedented treasure trove for Sun fans and collectors. Bear Family.

1.1 Walking in the Rain
1.2 Just Walkin' in the Rain
1.3 Beggin' My Baby
1.4 I've Been Deceived
1.5 Old Brother Jack
1.6 Seems Like a Million Years
1.7 No Teasing Around
1.8 Turn Around
1.9 There Is Love in You
1.10 Before Long
1.11 The House of Sin
1.12 Sitting By My Window
1.13 Daydreams Come True
1.14 I Forgot to Remember to Forget
1.15 No Greater Love
1.16 My Treasure
1.17 You Can Tell Me
1.18 Bad Girl
1.19 A Wedding Gown of White
1.20 Sure to Fall
1.21 No More, No More
1.22 I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry
1.23 A Fool for Loving You
1.24 I Walk the Line
1.25 Finders Keepers
1.26 No Matter Who's to Blame
2.1 Take and Give
2.2 I'll Wait Forever
2.3 Only You
2.4 Don't Make Me Go
2.5 Restless
2.6 Fool's Hall of Fame
2.7 Just in Time
2.8 That Depends on You
2.9 Two Young Fools in Love
2.10 Foolish Heart
2.11 I'm Lonesome
2.12 It All Depends (On Who Will Buy the Wine)
2.13 Easy to Love
2.14 More Than Yesterday
2.15 Forever Yours
2.16 Your Cheating Heart
2.17 Give My Love to Rose
2.18 It Only Hurts for a Little While
2.19 I Fell in Love
2.20 Love Is a Stranger
2.21 Trying to Get to You
2.22 You Win Again
2.23 I Was a Fool
2.24 I'm Getting Better All the Time [Demo Version]
2.25 Sweet Misery
2.26 Ain't It a Shame
3.1 One More Time
3.2 Port of Lonely Hearts
3.3 Part of My Life
3.4 I'll Make It All Up to You
3.5 Breeze
3.6 Goodbye Mr. Love
3.7 Apple Blossom Time [Undubbed] [Version]
3.8 Sail Away
3.9 The Miracle of You
3.10 Don't Ever Leave Me
3.11 Why Why Why
3.12 I'm Bluer Than Anyone Can Be
3.13 To Tell the Truth
3.14 How's My Ex Treating You?
3.15 River of No Return
3.16 How Well I Know
3.17 Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues
3.18 Stay [Alternate Take]
3.19 Cheaters Never Win
3.20 I Can't Forget You [Undubbed Version] [Version]
3.21 Is It Too Late
3.22 I'll Wait Forever
3.23 Fools Like Me
3.24 The Quiet Look
3.25 Who Will the Next Fool Be
3.26 I Know What It Means

Various Artists: Sun Ballads 1953-62 / Various

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