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Various Artists: That'll Flat Dig It, Vol. 20

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: That'll Flat Dig It, Vol. 20

Rockabilly from the vaults of 'D' and Dart Records. Back in 1992, we decided that Rockabilly sounded good on CD, so we had the idea that we should create the all-time definitive Rockabilly series, 'That'll Flat Git It!'

1.1 Baby, Baby
1.2 Rollin' Pin Min
1.3 Evenin' Time
1.4 Lover Boy
1.5 Hold on Tight
1.6 Bunny Hop Rock
1.7 Baby Let's Play House
1.8 Champagne, Charlene
1.9 Slick Chick
1.10 I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine
1.11 Evil Hearted Man Blues
1.12 Rock -A- Billy Boogie
1.13 Let's Do a Little Rockin' (Sax)
1.14 Say I Do
1.15 Your Love Will Come My Way
1.16 Teenage Love Affair
1.17 Rockin' on the Range
1.18 Ding Dong
1.19 I Need You Baby to Love (Sax)
1.20 I Want You to Know
1.21 Rollin' Dynamite
1.22 Lover Boy (With Accoustic Guitar)
1.23 Come Dance with Me
1.24 Rockin' Too Much
1.25 Heading for the High School Hop
1.26 Red Bird Boogie
1.27 Jealous Hearted Me
1.28 Let's Do a Little Rockin' (Guitar)
1.29 Blue Eyed Blonde (; Western Starlighters)
1.30 Torrid Tessie Lee
1.31 I Need You Baby to Love (Guitar)
1.32 Baby You Done Me Wrong
1.33 It's No Easy to Forget
1.34 You're the One
1.35 Give Me a Kiss for Christmas
1.36 Rock and Roll Baby
1.37 Short Fat Fannie

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