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Various Artists: That'll Flat Git It, Vol. 14

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: That'll Flat Git It, Vol. 14
Label: Bear Family

Rockabilly from the vaults of Sun Records! - Back in 1992, we decided that Rockabilly sounded good on CD, so we had the idea that we should create the all-time definitive Rockabilly series, 'That'll Flat Git It!' Above all, Rockabilly was music recorded for 45RPM singles, so we designed a Rockabilly series label-by-label instead of artist-by-artist, and we compiled it for listening pleasure. Just the great stuff, plus a few super rarities. Every CD would be for the most part a 30 song jukebox of the finest Rockabilly ever recorded for all the great labels. We sourced the very best sounding tapes and took them to the best mastering engineers, and then we took the packaging to a new level. We adopted the catchphrase of the first Rockabilly dee-jay, Dewey Phillips, 'That'll Flat Git It!', and we hired Bill Millar, who'd compiled the still-classic label-oriented Rockabilly LPs in the 1970s and 1980s, to write the notes. We looked for previously unpublished photos, and tried to find all the artists who'd never been found before. The result is a truly definitive Rockabilly series that now runs to twenty-seven volumes

1.1 Rainer Bertram - Rock All Night
1.2 Honeycutt, Glenn - Move Baby, Move
1.3 Penner, Dick - Pop And Mama
1.4 Simmons, Gene - Rock Me Baby
1.5 Haggett, Jimmy - Take Me (Garden Of Evil)
1.6 Wages, Jimmy - Hula Bop
1.7 Smokey Joe - Drive-In
1.8 Vickery, Mack - Somehow We'll Find A Way
1.9 Fakes, Roger - Treat Me Right
1.10 Parchman, Kenny - Christine
1.11 Hall, Roy - Problem Child
1.12 Cook, Ken - Chain Gang Charlie
1.13 Money, Curley - My One Desire
1.14 Williams, Jimmy - Tough, Tough, Tough
1.15 Anderson, Andy - Gonna Give A Party
1.16 Wood, James - Wampus Cat
1.17 Chandler, Howard - Take Me To That Place
1.18 Earls, Jack - That's The Way I Feel
1.19 Pritchett, Jimmy - Apron Strings
1.20 Hoback, Curtis - Miss Pearl
1.21 Wages, Jimmy - Lonely Wolf
1.22 Harris, Ray - Me And My Rhythm Guitar
1.23 Powers, Johnny - Don't You Worry
1.24 Thompson, Hayden - Got Me A Trumpet
1.25 Yelvington, Malcolm - She's Gone Away
1.26 Barton, Ernie - Peroxied Blonde And A Hopped Up Model Ford
1.27 Simmons, Gene - Uh Huh, Oh Yeah
1.28 Pendarvis, Tracy - Put Me Down
1.29 Turner, Jesse Lee - What A Beat
1.30 Unknown Artist #1 - Red Hen Hop
1.31 Unknown Artist #2 - Rakin' And Scrapin'

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