Various Artists

Various Artists: The Rough Guide To Blues and Beyond [Special Edition] [Bonus CD] [Digipak]

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: The Rough Guide To Blues and Beyond [Special Edition] [Bonus CD] [Digipak]

This Rough Guide is a testament to the enduring power and continuous evolution of the Blues, vigorous enough to absorb rock, rap, electronic and global influences, while keeping alive it's true spirit. Artists include: Chris Thomas King, Tinariwen, Johnny Farmer, Mamane Barka, Outrageous Cherry, Etran Finatawa, North Mississippi All-Stars, Robert Plant/Justin Adams, Corey Harris, Son of Dave, Tangle Eye, Nuru Kane Bonus CD: Nuru Kane: Sigil Nuru Kane has a distinctive take on Senegalese music, exploring the musical connections between between North and West Africa.

1.1 Mississippi Kkkrossroads
1.2 Oualahila Ar Tesninam
1.3 Death Letter [Organized Noize RMX] [Remix]
1.4 Malloumi
1.5 Lord Have Mercy on Me
1.6 Kel Tamasheck
1.7 Shake (Yo Mama)
1.8 Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky)
1.9 Mami Wata
1.10 I Just Wanna Get High with You
1.11 Parchman Blues
1.12 Gor E
1.13 [CD-ROM Track] [Multimedia]
2.1 Toub
2.2 Niane
2.3 Col Re
2.4 Talibe
2.5 Diarama
2.6 Gor E
2.7 Bamba
2.8 Igil
2.9 Cheikh Anta
2.10 Nabi
2.11 Djoloff, Djoloff
2.12 Mariama
2.13 Mami

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