Various Artists

Various Artists: Toronto's Massive Freestyle Hits

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Toronto's Massive Freestyle Hits
Label: Essential Media Mod

As one of the main hubs of the Freestyle movement, Toronto has produced some of the most memorable Freestyle jams ever recorded. This compilation focuses on 10 of the hottest examples of Toronto's unique sound.

1.1 Always and Forever - Innamorati
1.2 Girl in the Picture - Chandra
1.3 I Could Never Leave Someone Like You - Maurizio
1.4 I Guess I Was Wrong - Leenda
1.5 In Time - Vivid
1.6 Love at First Sight - Demetri
1.7 My True Love - Sam Romano
1.8 Sunglasses at Night - Dario
1.9 Want Me - Kim Esty
1.10 You Complete Me - Emanuel

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