Various Artists

Various Artists: Traditional Songs and Dances Of Hungary

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Traditional Songs and Dances Of Hungary
Label: Collectables

1.1 We'll Know Soon
1.2 It's Raining, It's Raining
1.3 My Baby I'm Off Somewhere
1.4 Turning Dance of Korispatak
1.5 In the Village of Bethlehem
1.6 Doina and Invirtita
1.7 Wedding at Cana
1.8 Moldavian Dances
1.9 White Dove
1.10 Round Apple
1.11 Reverinda
1.12 Brass Show of My Baby Horse
1.13 Csardas and Swift Csardas from the Nadas Valley
1.14 High Tower of Szek Town
1.15 Rare Lad's Dance and Slow of Nagusajo
1.16 We'll Drink the Vineyard's Juice
1.17 Dotting Dance and Old People's Dance
1.18 Gypsy Csardas of Marossarpatak

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