Various Artists: True Bluegrass Fiddle

Various Artists: True Bluegrass Fiddle
Title: True Bluegrass Fiddle
Label: Rebel Records

Rebel Records never shied away from bluegrass and has more than 50 years of classic bluegrass recordings to show for it. Here are some of the label's hottest fiddlers, including Ricky Skaggs.

1.1 Soldier S Joy
1.2 Dry ; Dusty
1.3 Goodbye Girls I M Going to Boston
1.4 Meetin House Branch
1.5 Daley S Reel
1.6 Scotland
1.7 High Country
1.8 Billy Wilson
1.9 Done Gone Waltz
1.10 East Tennessee Blues
1.11 Spider Bit the Baby
1.12 Williamsburg
1.13 Sunflower Hornpipe
1.14 Midnight on the Water
1.15 Dusty Miller
1.16 Orange Blossom Special
1.17 Leather Breeches
1.18 Live ; Let Live
1.19 St. Anne S Reel
1.20 Grey Eagle

Various Artists: True Bluegrass Fiddle

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