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Various Artists: Unfortunate Rake / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Unfortunate Rake / Various
Label: Folkways Records

The story is basically this: A soldier is dying, evidently of venereal disease he contracted from a young woman, and he requests a funeral. Hear how this story has been spun over centuries into a whole collection of similarly themed songs, the earliest possibly dating to 1790. In this recording we are essentially witnessing the evolution of the Anglo-Saxon ballad tradition.

1.1 The Unfortunate Rake
1.2 The Trooper Cut Down in His Prime
1.3 The Young Sailor Cut Down in His Prime
1.4 Noo I'm a Young Man Cut Down in My Prime
1.5 The Bad Girl's Lament
1.6 One Morning in May
1.7 Bright Summer Morning
1.8 The Girl in the Dilger Case
1.9 The Cowboy's Lament
1.10 Streets of Laredo
1.11 St. James Hospital
1.12 Gambler's Blues
1.13 I Once Was a Carman - I Once Was a Carman in the Big Mountain Con
1.14 The Lineman's Hymn
1.15 The Wild Lumberjack
1.16 A Sun Valley Song
1.17 The Ballad of Bloody Thursday
1.18 Streets of Hamtramck
1.19 The Ballad of Sherman Wu
1.20 The Professor's Lament

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