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Various Artists: Unseen Breaks / Various

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Unseen Breaks / Various
Label: Loveturl
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Seven inch vinyl LP pressing. The Unseen Breaks is a limited press vinyl experience of Gus Sutherland's The Unseen - A Detroit Beat Tape, chopped and edited into a classic Detroit break record. Includes bonus production from the producers featured on the soundtrack and in the documentary (Amp Fiddler, Quelle Chris, J Dilla, Dakim, House Shoes, Slautah, Ahk, Hugh Whitaker, and Rafael Statin) curated by TaRaach. From the first clip of "Start Recording" to the blaring of the J Dilla Anthem "Ghetto Wish," this 7 inch serves it's purpose for any DJ needing to improve their collection.

1.1 Start Recordin'
1.2 Ghetto Wish (J Dilla)
1.3 Detroit
1.4 Whop (Amp Fiddler/Rafael Statin
1.5 Right Here
1.6 Crowd
1.7 Angels (House Shoes)
1.8 No Bias PT 1 (Hugh Whitaker)
1.9 Gems
1.10 Progression (Amp Fiddler/Rafael Statin)
1.11 Get in (Ahk)
1.12 Freak Zabar (Quelle Chris)
1.13 Justin Kovar Show
1.14 Foundation (Slautah)
1.15 Get Up Outta Here
1.16 DHS (Dakim)
1.17 The Unseen Theme (Slautah)
1.18 Gems
1.19 Bonus (Dakim)

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