Various Artists

Various Artists: Vinyl Vic's Number 03 Rare Answer

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Vinyl Vic's Number 03 Rare Answer

1.1 Deep Freeze
1.2 Las Quinceaneras
1.3 I'm on the Last Train to Clarksville
1.4 Don't Let Her Use That Ticket to Ride
1.5 Junior
1.6 I'm Jimmy Mack
1.7 Memphis Calling New York City
1.8 Take This Letter Maria
1.9 We Stopped and Thought It Over
1.10 No More Tossin and Turnin
1.11 I've Got My Own Thing Going
1.12 Short Fat Outlaw
1.13 I Get Lots of Satisfaction
1.14 I'll Count You in
1.15 I'm No Longer Jimmy's Girl
1.16 Answer to Hey Baby
1.17 Anna Stay with Me
1.18 Dee Dee Please Take Your Love to Town
1.19 Army Wrote Me a Letter
1.20 Frightful Situation
1.21 Stop It Little Girl
1.22 I Must Lose Him (Sturis in the Punim a la Nudge)
1.23 I'm Back Baby
1.24 Answer to You Better Move on
1.25 I'll Be Yours
1.26 Rosie Baby
1.27 Surfin Sam
1.28 Cavern in the Town
1.29 I Found Her
1.30 You've Got It

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