Various Artists: Waking Ned Devine (Original Soundtrack)

Various Artists: Waking Ned Devine (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Waking Ned Devine (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Decca

A wonderfully wild Irish romp, Waking Ned Devine is the story of 2 friends whose mischief gets out of hand when they find out that one of their fellow villagers has won the lottery. The film promises to be the surprise hit of the season, igniting a Full Monty furor nationwide. Irish music being all the rage, the film's soundtrack (with music by Shaun Davey, plus the Waterboys' "Fisherman's Blues") can't help but charm movie audiences and fans of Celtic music alike.

1.1 Let the Draw Begin
1.2 Fisherman's Blues
1.3 Red Herrings
1.4 Maggie and Finn
1.5 Cursing in Heaven
1.6 The Ballad of Ned Devine / the Witches Reel
1.7 Jackie's Theme
1.8 Michael's Ride
1.9 Beyond Dreams and Spirits
1.10 Hear Me
1.11 An Angel Will Cry
1.12 The Lotto Man Cometh
1.13 Lux Eterna, My Eternal Friend
1.14 The Tullymore Polka / the Witch, the Fiddle, and the Phonebox
1.15 The Parting Glass

Various Artists: Waking Ned Devine (Original Soundtrack)

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