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Various Artists: Warner Soft Rock Nuggets 1: Silver & Sunshine

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Warner Soft Rock Nuggets 1: Silver & Sunshine

Subtitle: Silver And Sunshine. Japanese-only collection, an installment in the now-legendary Nuggets series. This time, Soft Rock Nuggets features a bevy of rare soft pop/sunshine pop gems, many of them extremely rare. So, put down that beer, grab a tall, cool glass of iced tea, kick back in the backyard and enjoy these soft rack masterpieces from the late '60s. Don't be ashamed - at your age, you can't possibly get your ya-ya's out 24/7 so it is time to relax. Vol. One includes tracks from The Goldebriars, The Association, Glen Campbell, The Poor, Dino Desi & Billy, The Rascals, The Vogues and many others.

1.1 I'm Gonna Marry You - the Goldebriars
1.2 Guess I'm Dumb - Glen Campbell
1.3 Along Comes Mary - the Association
1.4 Mind Excursion - the Tradewinds
1.5 Silver and Sunshine (How Wonderful Is Our Love)- the Looking Glass
1.6 Fifi the Flea - the Sidekicks
1.7 Once Again - the Poor
1.8 Black and White Rainbow - the Visions
1.9 Portrait of My Love - the Tokens
1.10 Come to the Sunshine - Harpers Bizarre
1.11 Kitty Doyle -Dino, Desi ; Billy
1.12 Susan - the Buckinghams
1.13 Just What I've Been Looking for - the Vogues
1.14 A Beautiful Morning - the Rascals
1.15 Randy - the Happenings
1.16 Let's Ride -Roger Nichols and the Small Circle of Friends
1.17 Happiness-Anita Kerr ; the Anita Kerr Singers
1.18 Candy Apple, Cotton Candy - Pat Shannon
1.19 To Put Up with You - the Sandpipers
1.20 Good Morning, New Day - the Coronados
1.21 She Is Today - the Vogues
1.22 To Put Up with You - the Holy Mackerel
1.23 Crystal Blue Persuasion - Tommy James and the Shondells
1.24 Don't Start Something You Can't Finish - the Coronados

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