Various Artists

Various Artists: What Goes Up (Original Soundtrack)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: What Goes Up (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Amherst Records

The soundtrack to the new Steve Coogan / Hilary Duff comedy WHAT GOES UP features music from the Innocent Bystanders, Roddy Bottum, Jeremy Wall, Electrelane, David Bowie, Hilary Duff and more.

1.1 Any Other Day
1.2 Under Wraps
1.3 A Hero [Score]
1.4 New World Anthem
1.5 The Truth Is
1.6 Blue Straggler
1.7 Jesus
1.8 Phonebooth Mix [Score]
1.9 Two for Joy
1.10 Lucy on the Roof Mix [Score]
1.11 Cut and Run
1.12 Campbell Walks Mix [Score]
1.13 You Make Me Weak at the Knees
1.14 Heroes [1999 Digital Remaster]
1.15 Never Commin' Back
1.16 Teenage Moment
1.17 Kids (Who Never Grew Up)

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