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Various Artists: Wizards Of Country Guitar 1935-1955

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Wizards Of Country Guitar 1935-1955

Here are 100 tracks by Bob Dunn-one of the very first people to play amplified steel guitar in a country group and on record-and the illustrious string men who followed in his trailblazing footsteps! These helped forge the very sound of country music: (with Dunn) St. Louis Blues; Little White Lies; Jitterbug Jive; Texas Hambone Blues; Easy Ridin' Papa; Blue Skies ; (with Lefty Perkins) Honky Tonk Blues; Rose Room; High Geared Daddy; Long Long Ago ; (with Billy Briggs) Hi Flyer Stomp; Am I Blue; Oh Monah!; Mama Inez; Pretty Baby Boogie ; (Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant) Cracker Jack; Midnight Ramble; Georgia Steel Guitar; Railroadin'; Speedin' West; Caffeine Patrol; Stainless Steel; Stratosphere Boogie; Flippin' the Lid, and more.

1.1 Chinatown My Chinatown
1.2 Some of These Days
1.3 The Sheik of Araby
1.4 St. Louis Blues
1.5 Somebody's Been Using That Thing
1.6 Cheesy Breeze
1.7 Fan It
1.8 Taking Off
1.9 Kangaroo Blues
1.10 Draggin' the Bow
1.11 Little White Lies
1.12 Ease My Worried Mind
1.13 Truck Driver's Blues
1.14 I'll Get Mine By and Bye, No 2
1.15 Out Where West Winds Blow
1.16 Jitterbug Jive
1.17 Mary Jane
1.18 Takin' Off
1.19 Mama's Gone, Goodbye
1.20 Blue Skies
1.21 What Difference Does It Make
1.22 Texas Hambone Blues
1.23 Washington and Lee Swing
1.24 Easy Ridin' Papa
1.25 When I Take My Sugar to Tea
2.1 Bring It on Down to My House Honey
2.2 How Come You Do Me Like You Do
2.3 High Geared Daddy
2.4 Honky Tonk Blues
2.5 I Can't Give You Anything But Love
2.6 Confessin' (That I Love You)
2.7 There'll Be Some Changes Made
2.8 The One Rose
2.9 Long Long Ago
2.10 Everybody Loves My Marguerite
2.11 I Just Want Your Stingaree
2.12 Rose Room
2.13 Louise, Louise Blues
2.14 Cross Patch
2.15 Boyd's Tin Roof Blues
2.16 Frosty Mornin'
2.17 Goofus
2.18 Beale Street Blues
2.19 I've Got Those Oklahoma Blues
2.20 Must I Hesitate?
2.21 Lone Star
2.22 River Blues
2.23 Wah Hoo
2.24 Cross Eyed Gal on the Hill
2.25 Eyes of Texas
3.1 Hi Flyer Stomp
3.2 Joe Turner Blues
3.3 Under the Double Eagle
3.4 Old Tobacco Mill
3.5 Static Stomp
3.6 You're the One I Care for
3.7 There's a Little Green Mill (By a Little Green Hill)
3.8 The Five Piece Band
3.9 There's Evil in You Chillun'
3.10 Visions of the Past
3.11 Mama Inez
3.12 Am I Blue
3.13 Spanish Cavalier
3.14 Oh Monah!
3.15 I'll Always Be in Love with You
3.16 My Gal Don't Love Me Anymore
3.17 Following You Around
3.18 Thinking of You
3.19 I Live in Memory of You
3.20 My Prairie Queen
3.21 Make a Wreath for Mary
3.22 Panhandle Shuffle
3.23 Sally's Got a Wooden Leg
3.24 Pretty Baby Boogie
3.25 Down in New Orleans
4.1 Cracker Jack
4.2 Georgia Steel Guitar
4.3 Midnight Ramble
4.4 Serenade to a Frog
4.5 Roadside Rag
4.6 Truck Driver's Ride
4.7 Hub Cap Roll
4.8 Bryant's Bounce
4.9 Hop Skip and Jump
4.10 Old Joe Clark
4.11 Blue Bonnet Rag
4.12 Low Man on a Totem Pole
4.13 Country Capers
4.14 This Is Southland
4.15 Arkansas Traveller
4.16 Swingin' on the Strings
4.17 Speedin' West
4.18 Railroadin'
4.19 West of Samoa
4.20 Caffeine Patrol
4.21 Flippin' the Lid
4.22 This Ain't the Blues
4.23 Stainless Steel
4.24 Stealin' Moonlight
4.25 Stratosphere Boogie

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