Various: Home On The Range / Various

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Artist: Various

Artist: Various
Title: Home On The Range / Various

Home On The Range is a 21 track benefit compilation presented by the non-profit organization CFEI (Compassionate Farming Education Initiative). The album includes unreleased and exclusive tracks by established and outspoken artists who are passionate about animal rights awareness and environmental issues. Proceeds from this album will be donated to several farm animal sanctuaries throughout the U.S. that rescue, feed and provide a safe shelter for abused and neglected animals. Artists include Moby, Yoko Ono, Joan Jett, The Pretenders, Bright Eyes and others.

1.1 The Pretenders - Break Up the Concrete
1.2 Bright Eyes - Shell Games
1.3 Moby - the Day
1.4 Nellie McKay - Suitcase Song
1.5 Howard Jones - Assault ; Battery
1.6 Warshow Angels - Bang Bang Love
1.7 Joan Jett ; the Blackhearts - Make It Back
1.8 Princess Superstar - Sound the Alarm
1.9 The Color Fred Complaintor
1.10 Justin Sane - Cassette Deck, Road Trip, Grand Canyon
1.11 Yoko Ono - Ode to Meadow
1.12 The Giving Tree Band - Peace on the Mountain
1.13 Joy Askew - Walk the Dog
1.14 Modern Day Alchemy - Dark Delight
1.15 Dropa - Estimated Arrival
1.16 Warshow Angels W/ Tony Barber and Nicky Garratt Love
1.17 The Lovestains Downtown
1.18 Early Melodic Animals - Feel Low
1.19 Stephen R Burroughs - the Stars Left Off Mockery
1.20 Last Amendment - the First Goat
1.21 Sin Corporation - Pray for My Machine - the Pretenders

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