Vaughan Williams, R.: English Song Series 3

Vaughan Williams, R.: English Song Series 3
Title: English Song Series 3
Label: Naxos

Originally released as part of the English Song Series on the Collins Classics label, this recording includes major works by one of the key figures in English vocal music.

1.1 It Was a Lover and His Lass
1.2 The Lawyer
1.3 The Splendour Falls
1.4 The Water Mill
1.5 Tired
1.6 Silent Noon
1.7 Searching for Lambs
1.8 Nocturne
1.9 Joy, Shipmate, Joy!
1.10 Lord, Come Away
1.11 Come Love, Come Lord
1.12 Five Mystical Songs: I. Easter
1.13 Five Mystical Songs: II. I Got Me Flowers
1.14 Five Mystical Songs: III. Love Bade Me Welcome
1.15 Five Mystical Songs: IV. the Call
1.16 Five Mystical Songs: V. Antiphon
1.17 On Wenlock Edge: I. on Wenlock Edge
1.18 On Wenlock Edge: II. from Far, from Eve and Morning
1.19 On Wenlock Edge: III. Is My Team Ploughing?
1.20 On Wenlock Edge: IV. Oh, When I Was in Love with You
1.21 On Wenlock Edge: V. Bredon Hall
1.22 On Wenlock Edge: VI. Clun
1.23 Dirge for Fidele

Vaughan Williams, R.: English Song Series 3

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