Vendetta: Brain Damage

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Vendetta

Title: Brain Damage
Label: Massacre

Vendetta was founded in 1984, and after the release of two self-recorded demos, "System Of Death" (1985) and "Suicidal Lunacy" (1986), the band's debut "Go And Live... Stay And Die" followed in 1987. A year later, the second album "Brain Damage" was released and distributed by Noise International. Tours with bands like Tankard, Helstar or Dimple Minds through Europe followed. In 1990 the band split up, but reunited in 2000 and recorded the demo "Dead People Are Cool" in 2003. They once again went on tour - this time with bands like Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Dew-Scented, Overkill, Metal Church, Exodus, Testament & HateSphere. They also played at a few festivals in Slovenia, Spain or Italy. In 2010, Vendetta entered the studio to record their 4th album "Feed The Extermination", which was mixed and mastered by none other than Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio in Ã-rebro, Sweden. The band signed with Massacre Records and released the album in 2011. Vendetta released their new studio album "The 5th" in February 2017 - it's full of uncompromising, thrash metal! Back in May 2017, Vendetta already re-released their debut album "Go And Live... Stay And Die". Now their second album - "Brain Damage" - will also be available as a re-mastered re-release!

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