Venetian Snares

Venetian Snares: My Love Is a Bulldozer

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Venetian Snares

Title: My Love Is a Bulldozer
Label: Planet Mu

2014 release from Canadian electronic musician Aaron Funk AKA Venetian Snares. The album seems to have a flowing sense of narrative, something akin to an opera, and unusually Aaron sings songs on it, which reinforces the sense of an emotional journey. Sonically he meshes together sometimes thunderous yet complex drum programming with delicate musical structures, creating, in places, a sense of haunted, atmospheric Jazziness, as well as spiky autumnal strings recalling the gothic orchestral beauty of his previous work.

1.1 10th Circle of Winnipeg
1.2 Deleted Poems
1.3 1000 Years
1.4 Your Smiling Face
1.5 Amazon
1.6 My Love Is a Bulldozer
1.7 She Runs
1.8 8Am Union Station
1.9 Shaky Sometimes
1.10 Too Far Across
1.11 Dear Poet
1.12 Your Blanket

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