Verite: New Skin

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Verite

Artist: Verite
Title: New Skin
Product Type: VINYL LP

Pink vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. New Skin is about the middle. It's the messy and uncomfortable and mundane reality of being in relationship that no one talks about. It's about the nuance of love in all of it's unflattering angles and complexity. This record is her internal dialogue from the last two years trying to find meaning while loving someone the best she could. This record is about commitment.

1.1 New Skin
1.2 Good For It
1.3 Ocean
1.4 ...Interlude…
1.5 Youth
1.6 Body In My Bed
1.7 Faded
1.8 Medicine
1.9 Think Of Me
1.10 Gone
1.11 Amnesia

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