Vicious Rumors

Vicious Rumors: Digital Dictator

$15.46 $17.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Vicious Rumors

Title: Digital Dictator
Label: Shrapnel

Vicious Rumors were one of the top underground metal bands of the late 80's, having made two critically acclaimed albums for Shrapnel before moving on to Atlantic. Shrapnel's release of the DIGITAL DICTATOR CD in a deluxe digipak cover, marks the first time that this music has been available on CD as a domestic issue. Over 20 years old, DIGITAL DICTATOR has a legion of fans who have waited years for a chance to get this aggressive metal music in a legitimate CD.

1.1 Replicant
1.2 Digital Dictator
1.3 Minute to Kill
1.4 Towns on Fire
1.5 Lady Took a Chance
1.6 Worlds and Machines
1.7 The Crest
1.8 R.L.H
1.9 Condemned
1.10 Out of the Shadows

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