Videohippos: Unbeast the Leash

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Videohippos

Artist: Videohippos
Title: Unbeast the Leash

Baltimore's Videohippos are about to make their worldwide march with this hyper-color rave. Teetering on the fringes of happycore, techno and noise, this duo has concocted heavy pop rounds on their debut. Jubilant at points, dark at others, they seem to have a sense of foreboding about the future. As their name suggests, Videohippos perform live with both audio and video. Backed by a giant screen, personal and pop culture video collages are projected in synch with the music.

1.1 Toothsub
1.2 The List
1.3 Take It
1.4 Bearfight
1.5 Kool Shades
1.6 Downfall
1.7 You Thought I Was Dead
1.8 Sick Dollfin
1.9 Rider
1.10 Laserjet
1.11 Wages of Fear
1.12 Narwhalz
1.13 Mans' Man

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