Violation Wound

Violation Wound: Violation Wound

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Violation Wound

Title: Violation Wound
Label: Vic

2014 album from the Punk trio. Violation Wound was born in a beer and whiskey soaked basement in June of 2013, driven by the desire to rip out a dose of 100% real Punk Rock. Nothing trendy, nothing wimpy, nothing pretentious, just quick-fire face melters fueled by aggression and kick ass riffs that burrow into your skin. Violation Wound is not interested in the modern, plastic or safe crap that passes off as punk in these dismal days where haircuts and image are the main focus. They would rather honor the raw, dirty and pissed off ways of the original innovators, while carving out a path all their own.

1.1 Don't Believe It
1.2 Eyes Red and Wide
1.3 Seeing Scars
1.4 Glue Trap
1.5 Everywhere Is Nowhere
1.6 Brain in a Sling
1.7 Carnival Blur
1.8 In My Veins
1.9 Medicine
1.10 Disposable Soul
1.11 Disconnection
1.12 Closed Up
1.13 Complaint Box
1.14 You Can't Have Me
1.15 Off the Rails
1.16 Circle of Wounds
1.17 Learn and Burn
1.18 Nothing to Say

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