Virgin Islands: Ernie Chambers v. God

Virgin Islands: Ernie Chambers v. God
Title: Ernie Chambers v. God
Label: The Control Group
Product Type: VINYL LP

Last wave punks Virgin Islands have been making waves in their home city of Seattle and beyond since their inception in 2009. Their debut full-length, is a politically provocative and musically bold rock album with 11 socially charged manifestos that could be the perfect house music for the last party on earth. Ar- guably post punk and definitely post modern, it's an intense and sincere statement from a band who's not afraid to buck the status quo.

1.1 No Doctor
1.2 Smells Like Gold
1.3 Ernie Chambers V. God
1.4 I Come Correct
1.5 Buried in the Sand
1.6 Colony Collapse
1.7 Let's Talk
1.8 Apocalypse Drug
1.9 Kat Named Katastrophe
1.10 Concrete Me
1.11 Sweet Sweat

Virgin Islands: Ernie Chambers v. God

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