Virus Syndicate

Virus Syndicate: Swarm

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Virus Syndicate

Artist: Virus Syndicate
Title: Swarm
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Worker Bees (Feat. Buku)
1.2 Pack Leader (Feat. Maztek)
1.3 R the Future
1.4 It's Paul (Skit)
1.5 Simmer Down
1.6 Dragonfire (Feat. Savant)
1.7 Who's That
1.8 Getting Anxious (Skit)
1.9 Bimc
1.10 Knock It Back (Feat. Teddy Killaz)
1.11 Coz We Can
1.12 Where's the Fuxxing Album (Skit)
1.13 Sick Wid It
1.14 Sick Em (Feat. DJ Muggs)
1.15 Kicking It Up
1.16 Reaching the Sky (Feat. Grems, Son of Kick)

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