Vista Chino: Peace

Vista Chino: Peace
Title: Peace
Label: Napalm

Kyuss, the band that originated the Stoner/Desert Rock genre and spawned the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator, Unida, Slo Burn and Brant Bjork & Operators has birthed another project from founding members Brant Bjork and John Garcia... say hello to Vista Chino. At a time when interest in the genre is approaching an all-time high, Vista Chino makes a statement and a mark on the collective Rock consciousness with their debut album Peace. For fans of Kyuss, QOTSA, the Sword, Monster Magnet, etc.

1.1 Good Morning Wasteland
1.2 Dargona Dragona
1.3 Sweet Remain
1.4 As You Wish
1.5 Planets 1;2
1.6 Adara
1.7 Mas Vino
1.8 Dark and Lovely
1.9 Barcelonian
1.10 Acidize... the Gambling Moose

Vista Chino: Peace

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