Visti & Meyland

Visti & Meyland: Leave Your Worries

$10.31 $11.99
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Visti & Meyland

Title: Leave Your Worries
Label: Bearfunk
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

We would like to say it was all part of a big bombastic plan - the biggest selling Bearfunk artist, a top song, the Prague Philharmonic, 40 piece strings and some great remixes all to celebrate Bearfunk's 50th release, but alas, it was not! BFK050 is actually the 67th single release on Bearfunk. The strings were done in the lunch-break downtime of a session in Prague with strings-chappie, John Bryan. Make good music and occasionally, just occasionally, good things happen to you! So the knife-edge karma of indie record labels flows. First up on the remix and let loose on the orchestra is London-based, Bahamas immigre, Loudery. The remix has big strings, chops and slides all wrapped up in a McFadden and Whitehead / Chic style groove. Two Loudery versions feature; the main mix which takes inspiration from Disco-Dan Hartman and his 1979 'Countdown-This Is It' breakdown epic and the instrumental dub which homes in on the lush strings and Bernie-bass groove. It's 1978 all over again.

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