Viva Voce: Rose City

Viva Voce: Rose City
Title: Rose City
Label: Barsuk

After two years of non-stop touring, band founders Kevin and Anita Robinson took an entire year off (unheard of for them) to clear their heads and focus on other projects. Now Viva Voce are back with ROSE CITY, an album they wrote, arranged, and recorded all in one furious month choosing not to deliberate over every little thing but living purely in the moment musically and lyrically. Immersing themselves in sonic experimentation, it was spontaneous and cathartic. The result is an angular, immediate record that pulses with the palpable urgency of a band yearning for a return to the vagabond life of the working, touring musician - a mode in which Viva Voce is truly at home.

1.1 Devotion
1.2 Die a Little
1.3 Octavio
1.4 Midnight Sun
1.5 Red Letter Day
1.6 Good As Gold
1.7 Rose City
1.8 Tornado Alley
1.9 Flora
1.10 The Slow Fade

Viva Voce: Rose City

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