Vivaldi / Cocset, Bruno / Les Basses Reunies

Vivaldi / Cocset, Bruno / Les Basses Reunies: Cello Sonatas

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Vivaldi / Cocset, Bruno / Les Basses Reunies
Title: Cello Sonatas

14 distinct titles introduce this exciting new series uniting the finest Alpha and ZZT Baroque recordings. Discover - or rediscover - universally known works as well as world premiere recordings of rarities. Newly conducted artist interviews allow for fresh perspectives on their recordings. All releases, digipak in format with trilingual booklets, feature photographs by great (Magnum Cooperative) contemporary artists adorning the covers and a strong 'queen of colors' scheme, bringing to mind gods, kings, warriors, the devil, life, violence and death... Themes omnipresent in Baroque art!

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