Voices: London

Voices: London
Title: London
Label: Candlelight

Featuring former members of Akercocke, Voices mash a deluge of sonically lethal sounds into a harrowing new musical concept. Metal Hammer calls London, "every bit as sprawling yet steeped in grandeur as the city it's named after." Recorded at Hackney Studios, the band describes it as, "a deep cinematic roller coaster ride through the darkest of nightmares."

1.1 Suicide Note 03:02
1.2 Music for the Recently Bereaved 07:35
1.3 The Actress 01:29
1.4 Vicarious Lover 06:54
1.5 Megan 06:28
1.6 Imaginary Sketches of a Poisoned Man 03:33
1.7 The Antidote 07:33
1.8 The Fucktrance 03:59
1.9 Hourglass 03:58
1.10 The House of Black Light 03:56
1.11 The Final Portrait of the Artist 01:33
1.12 Last Train Victoria Line 03:07
1.13 The Ultimate Narcissist 04:03
1.14 Cold Harbour Lane 03:20

Voices: London

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