Voodoo Terror Tribe

Voodoo Terror Tribe: Sun Shining Cold

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Artist: Voodoo Terror Tribe
Title: Sun Shining Cold

2018 release. After releasing a couple of EPs and touring in support of A Walk in Hell throughout 2014 and beyond, the band decided to finally make a full-length album and work with Christian Machado of ill Nino as the producer of this masterpiece. After months of pre-production, VTT entered SoundWars Studios in NJ to record The Sun Shining Cold, which took around a year to finish including recording, mixing, mastering and post production. The Sun Shining Cold is Voodoo Terror Tribe's most sonically advanced offering yet! Producer Christian Machado recognized the raw talent within the band and knew they had something special to offer to the rock scene. "This album is possibly one of the best metal albums I've ever been a part of," states Machado. "You don't always get to work with such talented musicians who just so happen to be mature and dedicated to bringing something fresh to the evolution of the genre. I comfortably refer to them as 'haunted metal' but in all honesty they are a new breed of metal yet to be heard under this style and context. In my heart of hearts, I truly believe they are here to contribute an impressive approach and styling to the evolution of metal."

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