Voracious Scourge: Our Demise

Voracious Scourge: Our Demise
Title: Our Demise
Label: Metal Bastard
Product Type: VINYL LP

Voracious Scourge is the new death metal band formed by Jason McIntyre (SUTURE), Mike Smith (ex-SUFFOCATION), Aad Klosterwaard (SINISTER) und Lance Strickland (SUTURE). Voracious Scourge harkens back to the good old days when creating great songs with solid riffs and vocal hooks that grabbed you and stuck in your brain like mental meat hooks, was the mission.

1.1 Vaticination
1.2 Harbinger of Our Own Demise
1.3 Fortuity of the Deceived
1.4 Expiate the Depraved
1.5 Oracle of Repugnance

Voracious Scourge: Our Demise

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