Wagons: Rumble, Shake and Tumble

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Artist: Wagons

Artist: Wagons
Title: Rumble, Shake and Tumble

From the land down under, Wagons take the best of rock n roll, country, funk, cabaret, psychedelia and soul and tie them all together with the help of lead singer, Henry Wagons, delightfully twisted vision. Wagons will be delivering their unique brand of sprawling outlaw country rock to the United States in all of it's wild and sweaty glory with RUMBLY, SHAKE & TUMBLE.

1.1 Downlow
1.2 I Blew It
1.3 Moon Into the Sun
1.4 Willie Nelson
1.5 Love Is Burning
1.6 My Daydreams
1.7 Save Me
1.8 Follow the Leader
1.9 Life's Too Short
1.10 Marylou

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