Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes: Country Stuff The Album

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Walker Hayes

Title: Country Stuff The Album
Label: Monument Records

Equally upbeat and mellow, Hayes writes clever songs that mirror his brand and artistry of unconventional, unique country music. Following the high from scoring his first No. 1 with hit song "Fancy Like," Hayes' latest album is a continuation of that success; a medley of beatboxing, sing-rapping, and witty lyrics with refreshing and vulnerable honesty that solidifies his place as a top-notch, one-of-a-kind player in the country music scene. After a long journey of fighting tooth and nail to make it in Nashville, but always sticking to his true self, Hayes' record tells reminiscent stories of trials and triumphs of following a dream and trying to be better every day, with refreshing, catchy tunes about love and life mixed in that you can't resist singing along to.

1.1 Drinking Songs
1.2 Aa
1.3 Life with You
1.4 U Gurl
1.5 Delorean
1.6 Fancy Like
1.7 Craig (Feat. Mercyme)
1.8 What You Don't Wish for
1.9 Country Stuff (Feat. Jake Owen)
1.10 I Hope You Miss Me
1.11 Briefcase (Feat. Lori McKenna)
1.12 Make You Cry
1.13 What If We Did (Feat. Carly Pearce)

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