Walter TV

Walter TV: Blessed

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Artist: Walter TV

Artist: Walter TV
Title: Blessed
Product Type: VINYL LP

Having moved all around Canada and settling nowhere, Walter TV are contemporary nomads. They formed their band in the basements and cottage-like houses of a beach town outside Vancouver. After Joe McMurray and Pierce McGarry moved to Montreal, they shared an apartment with a constant revolving cast of characters. In a space often overpopulated and reeking of cigarettes, they began recording Blessed. Simon Ankenman would come by periodically, and with him they would finish most of the recordings between there and LA. The band's two members, Joe and Pierce, were also busy touring with Mac DeMarco, acting as his backing band. Mixing and recording turned into a thing to do on the road. Although the group prefers tape recordings to digital, they have never been militant. Always trying to uphold their DIY sensibilities, Walter TV believes the music should speak for itself. It should come from wherever and whatever is available. Surf Metal drops that punchy kind of rock you know and love from DeMarco s band, but they also throw in elements that suggest it s different While the song bounces and punches along to it's punky riffs, some good ol fashioned black metal like shrieks sneak their way into the background of the song.

1.1 Candles 03:12
1.2 Neighbour 02:01
1.3 Paranormal Witness 02:16
1.4 Walter's Kaya 03:02
1.5 Punk Song 02:02
2.1 Surf Metal 02:42
2.2 Fan 02:32
2.3 Thanksgiving (Looper) 01:19
2.4 C'mon Now 01:43
2.5 Tall Mountains 03:01

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