Wand: 1000 Days

Wand: 1000 Days
Title: 1000 Days
Label: Drag City
Product Type: VINYL LP

The plan, it turns. Some many revolutions in a year, in a life. WAND launch their third album in what can only be called the relative blink of an eye, and it is 1000 Days. This year's last year: August of 2014 was Ganglion Reef, Wand's debut album release, on GOD?, reveling in their dark circuits and three-ring modulations. Following that, they ranged from their south-Cali base, towing their sound around this maze of interstates and state routes. Shows of all kinds were playing, plenty of people to meet up with on the way. Hands across the water: Europe got booked. And suddenly, just look over your shoulder-it was March of 2015, with a second album entitled Golem (this time on In the Red) trailing Wand's sound farther down the road, past the sky, into storm and casino food. No time to spare; more dates to be played across the landmass. And another set of European dates later, 1000 Days. One year in the life of Wand so far: the world-some beyond.

1.1 Grave Robber
1.2 Broken Sun
1.3 Paintings Are Dead
1.4 Dungeon Dropper
1.5 Dovetail
1.6 1000 Days
1.7 Lower Order
1.8 Sleepy Dog
1.9 Stolen Footsteps
1.10 Passage of the Dream
1.11 Little Dream
1.12 Morning Rainbow

Wand: 1000 Days

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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